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Updated:  01/15/07

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Florsheim Shoes


These Shoes Belong to a Church Member of Mine, Mr. Davis.  He Has Had Them Since Like the 1950's.  I Took Them and Did an Overhaul Reconditioning on Them.  So Check Them Out Below.  So Send Your Old Worn Shoes to The Sock Man Socks & Shoes and Have Them Reconditioned to Look Just Like NEW!

Before (Above)

After (Below)

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These Sexy Brown John Hardy Wingtips, Size 8 1/2 Are Owned by The Sock Man Socks & Shoes as Part of Its Vintage Shoe Collection.  They Are Currently Being Worn by Model J. J. Shown Above.  J. J. Struts Them Very Well with His Navy Ensemble.

I Bought My First Pair of John Hardy Shoes When I Was In the 8th Grade.  Man They Were HOT!  I Purchased Several Pairs Throughout My High School Years.  The Company Is No Longer In Business.  Below I am Pictured In 12th Grade Wearing A Favorite Pair of Black John Hardy Pointed Toe Shoes and Sheer Burgundy Pierre Cardin Socks -- OTC.  These Were Purchased At The Old John Hardy Shoe Store At What Used To Be Tower Mall In Portsmouth, Virginia.



Above & Below Vintage Freeman Loafers in Tan with Vintage Sheer TNT Two-Toned Socks, and Vintage Linoleum.




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