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Men's Sheer Socked Feet I

Length:  1 Hr., 34 Min.


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So you dig men's feet in sheer socks huh? Why? What do you get out of that shit! Ok, no problem. If that's what you like I can dig it too. Tune in here and pay attention. I hope this is something you will dig. Sexy Big Brother Feet! Sheer Socked Feet! Feet in Dress Shoes.  Sheer Socked Feet just chillin.  Get a chance to get long views of feet propped up relaxing. This video is for persons 18 years and older. Tell all of your foot buddies. Maybe host your own foot party, but be careful! There will be other videos to follow so stay tuned.

        The following photos are from scenes from the video but in no way are a true view of the clarity of the video itself.  They are digital pictures taken of the actual video as it was being viewed on TV, so they are not as clear as the actual video quality. 


Let The Show Begin


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The Sock Man Sits Down and Props up his Big Thick Size 12 Feet and Enjoys Some Dinner.  Steak, Macaroni & Cheese and Broccoli


Sheer, Item#:  SHNBLK-O Black Socks & Slippers


The Sock Man Chills, with Big Feet Propped on Ottoman


The Sock Man Poses in Navy Pin Striped Suit, Black Vintage Rand Oxfords and Sheer Black TNTBLK-A Socks.


Sitting at Homecoming Football Game, The Sock Man, Sports Fraternity Logo Socks Below on SHNNAV-O Navy Socks.


On the Runway, The Sock Man Showing off Sheer Socks in a Brief Fashion Show, along with Sheer Pants and Sheer Shirt.




Stacy Adams Black Wingtips Slip On.



Chillin in Sheer Socks and Boots


Making a Retro Appearance, The Sock Man Models Black Sweater, Tight Fit Polyester Vintage Plum Pants, Black Platform Boots and Sheer Socks.


The Sock Models Teal Double Breasted Suit with Black Sweater.



Giorgio Brutini Black Square Split Boots Close Ups!  SEXY!


New Socks Coming -- Wide Ribbed TNT with Pattern!


TNT Bottoms Viewed from Beneath Infamous Glass Top Modeling Table!  YEAH!


The Sock Man's Personal Collection:  Vintage Striped TNT's.


The Sock Man's Personal Collection:  Sheer Socks with Lines.


Other Sheer Socks.


The Sock Man's Bare Feet!



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Buy Any 3 Videos @ $25 each, and the 4th one is FREE.


Shipping & Handling $3.00 U. S. // $6.00 International per Video

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