Sock Garters -- Black Only Elastic with 1 Leather Clasp on each Garter:  New Low Price! $20.00/Pr. or $25.00 / Pr. with Customized Logos. Shipping & Handling:  $1.00 / Pr.
(Shown here in
BLACK).  Corresponding Item Numbers:

Black Only (GARBLK-1)

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The Sock Man Socks House Slippers:  $30.00 100% Leather Upper, Sole and Lining.  These Slippers are great.  Unlike most house slippers they do not retain foot odor that is often associated with sweaty feet.  I wear them myself, and trust me my feet really sweat and the slippers do not stink.  They are very comfortable and feel great.  

The also come with a Sock Man Socks signature logo label on the inside heel of each slipper.  Optional monogramming or name logos may be placed on the topside of each slipper as well.

Slipper with Logo on Heel   

Shipping & Handling:  $3.00 / Pr.
(Shown here in
BLACK).  Corresponding Item Numbers:



The come in whole sizes 7 to 12, However each size will fit up to the next size, thus size 12 will fit up to size 13.

Black Size 7 (HSLBLK-007) / Black Size 8 (HSLBLK-008) / Black Size 9 (HSLBLK-009) / Black Size 10 (HSLBLK-010) / Black Size 11 (HSLBLK-011) / Black Size 12 (HSLBLK-012)  

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JOCKEY Semi Sheer Boxer Briefs, 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex:  $20.00.  Shipping & Handling:  $1.00 / Pr.
(Shown here in
BLACK).  Corresponding Item Numbers:


Modeled Here in Black

Black Medium (JOCBLK-M) / Black Large (JOCBLK-L) / Black X-Large (JOCBLK-X) 

Gray Medium  (JOCGRA-M) / Gray Large (JOCGRA-L) / Gray X-Large (JOCGRA-X)

White Medium (JOCWHI-M) / White Large (JOCWHI-L) / White X-Large (JOCWHI-X)

Waist Sizes:  Medium >> 32-34 / Large >> 36-38 / X-Large >> 40-42 

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PLAYBOY Sheer Boxers, 100% Polyester: $30.00. Shipping & Handling, Go to Bottom of Home Page. 
DESCRIPTION:  Boxers are sheer polyester in black with silver metallic fabric,  modeled here in
BLACK / SILVER).  Due to the nature of this product, The photo is not pictured on this page, but must be accessed by clicking below.  WARNING:  DO NOT Click on link to photos below titled -- "PLAYBOY TV UNDERWEAR" unless you are at least 18 years old and you are not offended by photos that may be considered sexual in nature.  Colors & Corresponding Item Numbers:

Black / Silver Only:  Medium (PBSUBS-M) / Large (PBSUBS-L) / X-Large (PBSUBS-X).  These items may be available in limited quantities only.

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The Sock Man Socks T-Shirt, 100% Nylon: $20.00. Shipping & Handling, Go to Bottom of Home Page 
DESCRIPTION:  T-Shirt is done on a Sheer Nylon T-Shirt in a variety of colors and sizes, modeled here in
BLACK).  Also I will personally autograph with your name and serialize each T-Shirt Transfer prior to producing the shirt. Colors & Corresponding Item Numbers:  

Above Simulation as on T-Shirt

Below Actual Logo for The Sock Man T-Shirt

Black (SKTS0403-BL) / Navy (SKTSTS0403-NA) / Brown (SKTS0403-BR) / Red (SKTS0403-RE) / Green (SKT0403-GR) / Light Blue (SKTS0403-LB) / Orange  (SKTS0403-OR) / Beige (SKTS0403-BE) / White (SKTS0403-WH)

Be sure to Specify Size Needed As Follows:

Small  /  Medium  /  Large  /  X-Large  /  XX-Large  /  XXX-Large

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H    Color   Catalog   H

Color Catalog -- $2.00 each.  Includes coupon for $2.00 off any order over $10.00, not including shipping & handling. Corresponding Item Numbers:  May 2002 Catalog (CT0502-1). 

To View Catalog On-line, Click on Link Below:

(On-line Catalog)


New Catalog Coming

James McNair, III & B. J. Nichols will be featured on the cover.

May 2003


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