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Thick N Thin Sock Candle Globe

This Sleek, Sexy, & Romantic Candle Globe is Now Available!

Composed of a Glass Candle Globe, This Specially Designed Candle Globe Will Set the Mood for that Special Romantic or Relaxing Evening.  By Covering Globe sheer TNT fabric, it allows less light to be emitted and thus makes for a nice softly lit sitting area, bedroom, bath or other area.


Item#:  CANDGLOB-TNTBLK for only $12.00


Other Styles & Colors Also Available.  If You Prefer Another Style of Sock on Your Candle Globe, Please Inquire in Your Email to The Sock Man Socks & Shoes at  Most Any Type of Sock Style Can Be Accommodated.


Warning:  As with any candle, this lighted candle globe should NOT be left unattended at any time.  Be sure to keep a safe distance from flammable items.  Also one must be sure that fabric at top of globe does not get pulled inward toward center of globe which could result in a fire. 

Shipping & Handling $4.00 U. S.  //  $8.00 International.


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