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March 2004 in The Sock Man Socks & Shoes Studios, Suffolk, Virginia


JH SMS-001-001

James H. modeling Black Pinstripe Suit (Available at Value City Department Stores), White Shirt, TNTBLP-A socks in black -- $4.00, and Item# 15611 in Black from Giorgio Brutini's Private Collection for only $44.99.

JH SMS-001-001

JH SMS-001-002

JH SMS-001-003



JH SMS-001-004                                                        JH SMS-001-005


JH SMS-001-006                                             JH SMS-001-007

Above, James H. modeling Scandro Loafers, Size 14 in Black and TNTBLK-O Socks in Black.



JH SMS-001-008                                        JH SMS-001-009

JH SMS-001-010


JH SMS-001-011

Above, James H. modeling Stacy Adams Cap Toe Oxfords in Black, and TNTBLK-O Socks, in Black.


JH SMS-001-012

JH SMS-001-013

James H. sitting back Chillin with his feet up.


Below, James H. does a few "chillin" shots in studio in slippers given to The Sock Man Socks by Jim -- redbaron@att.net , Size 14 and TNTBLK-O Socks in Black.


JH SMS-001-014  JH SMS-001-015

JH SMS-001-016

JH SMS-001-017

JH SMS-001-018


Below, James H. stretches his wide 14's across green leather ottoman in TNTBLK-O Socks in Black.

JH SMS-001-019

JH SMS-001-020

JH SMS-001-021


In the several shots shown below, James H. Models TNTBLK-O socks in black.  That Nylon really gets a good stretching and shows you just how they also accommodate large feet very well.


JH SMS-001-022                                                          JH SMS-001-023

JH SMS-001-024

JH SMS-001-025

JH SMS-001-026

Bottoms Up!

JH SMS-001-027

JH SMS-001-028

JH SMS-001-029


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